T3 TQ & Win At HPI German Championship


Xray reports – “We arrived at the track on Wednesday afternoon. It is a fast nitro track and the speed on the straight with a 13.5T Motor was 88 kph! The weather forecast looked bad for the two practice days but the track was dry so we could make our practice laps. The car was pretty good right from the beginning but was a little bit difficult to drive. As such I only made small set-up changes. After the last practice I completely rebuilt my car for the first Final. Saturday morning qualifiers started at 10AM. The car was simply perfect… easy to drive fast on the straight, and laptimes were fast without pushing. It was SMI Team Driver Daniel Horn who won the first two rounds of qualifying. Qualifier round 3 was won by Kevin Blume, while round 4 was won by Peter Strein.”

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