Xray Success In Czech Endurance Races


Xray reports – “For a few years now the highly prestigious yearly endurance race is held in Czech Republic: a 12-hour race in Blansko and a 24-hour race in Celakovice that happens to start at the same time as the world-renowned 24h Le Mans race. Both races can be attended done by rear-driven shaft cars. In 2009 after the X10 release, Team Airspeed decided to become a pioneer in endurance races and was the first team in the state to use the XRAY X10 in this kind of racing. Our team made all the necessary changes to the chassis, make the battery change more quickly & easily, and to fit classic rubber TC wheels on this pan car chassis. A more detailed explanation of the race: The race is run for 24 hours without a single break in any weather. The racing team consists of 6 drivers (maximum) and 1 mechanic. There is a battery change after each 20-30 minutes of the race, and team has 6 sets of tires for the entire race.”

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