OCR Champs Series Rnd2


“Tony Knauth driving an RB / Hyper 9 combo takes the win in both Pro Buggy and Hyper Truck classes making it 2 in a row!!! The Hyper Truck control class, growing day by day with new drivers joining in on what is a very competitive, exciting and very affordable class of RC motorsport, the class in a very short period of time has overtaken the Nitro Buggy’s in driver numbers, and getting close in lap times, with a new record set last night of 32.919 secs, the trucks now within 2 seconds of the Nitro’s lap times, it’s pretty easy to see why Short Course Truck racing is spreading like wildfire across the RC world!!! On to the Racing !!!! Round 1 Pro Buggy – See’s Phil Ciccone – MBX6 – Nova Rossi back on the track with a vengeance, taking the Pro Buggy win after a tough battle with Tim Nicol – MBX6 -RB and Tony Knauth – Hyper 9 – RB, Ciccone making a break for it in the late stages to finish 12.71 ahead of Nicol, Knauth a further 3 seconds back in third, Tom Jones – Xray – RB and Steven Peckham – RC8E fourth and fifth. Hyper Truck – Had Dean Baker and Knauth out to an early lead, with Newhouse, Christianson and Wolfe all pushing hard to make up the gap, Baker having issues in the closing stages to finish fourth, Christianson, third, Newhouse second 22.61 secs behind Knauth in first.”

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