NT1 Wins Dutch Nationals R4


Xray reports – “Round 4 of the 1/10th 200mm took place at the famous MACH track in Heemstede. Forecasts for Saturday weren’t that good. Drivers were welcomed by rain in the morning, but it later stopped and all drivers could make their practice rounds. During qualification it was Team XRAY driver Pedro Rombouts that was setting the best pace. After being the fastest in all three rounds he claimed pole position by 0.7sec ahead of local hero Rik Prins, XRAY driver Acro de Jong, Team XRAY driver Maxim Claes, and Remy Möller. In the lower finals it was Daan Jacobs who claimed 6th place on the grid, followed by 3 XRAY drivers (Daan Stuiver, Dennis de Groote, Ingeborg Gommers) with the last main final spot going to Ricardo van Dam. It was already a strong performance having six NT1’s in the main final.”

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