“XRAY presents the all-new 808E – the electric-powered version of the ultra-successful XB808, the 1/8 nitro off-road car which has countless wins and victories, awards and national titles from around the world. Designed for professional racers, the 808E features ultra-high performance parts, finest quality materials, unmatched precision in manufacturing, and backed up with legendary XRAY support and service. The 808E is a professional race car delivered in kit form to let you select & install your own electronics. Supported by XRAY dedication, passion, and heritage of performance, the 808E is ready to take you to the Winners Circle. New. Electric. Durable. Fast. Performance. XRAY 808E. The ultimate electric buggy engineering masterpiece from XRAY artisans and craftsmen. Superior… yet new. It challenges you to take it to the edge and beyond… commanding you to take command of the pack. Drive it… race it… win. Experience the fascination of electric buggy racing… performance to rival its nitro brethren Experience the all-new XRAY 808E.”

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