New Velox V10 Option Parts


Team Shepherd reports – Middle shaft V10 aluminium, We are pleased to introduce these new super lightweight CNC-machined aluminium middle shaft. It’s made from premium German aluminium and has been nickle plated to increase wear resistance and lifespan. The rotating mass is reduced by 5,5g (65%) compared to the standard middle shaft which results in improved acceleration and performance.

Brass batteryplate mounts (3) –

These new battery plate mounts are CNC-machined from finest brass and provide an additional weight of 25g in total. Mounted directly on the chassis plate they lower centre of gravity significantly and minimize the risk of traction rolling. By using only the front one or the rear ones the balance of the car could be fine-tuned. Both items were used succesfully at the World Championship in Houston where Marc Rheinard reached the podium with his Velox V10.”