P.Y.Tang podium finish at Niko Cup EP Open


“Holding the only second electric-powered 1/10th touring car race this season, Niko racetrack usually hosts gas-powered 1/10th and 1/8th on-roads races is one of the most challenging track in Southern Johor which is a high-speed and flowy track with a very tricky chicane in the mid-infield section. Xray dominated the race with all top 5 running the Xray T3. P.Y.Tang started off the qualiying rounds with some problems trying to find the right gearing as his car was suffering from ESC thermal cutoff due to the extreme hot weather not finishing the first two qualifying heats. With a tough decision to make for Q3 and the risk of dropping down in the group, P.Y.Tang finally found the correct gearing and as his Xray T3 was on pace for a TQ run, a slight contact with TQ holder Ken Ng just before crossing the line lost a couple seconds, and finally had to secure for 2nd from pole.

Final Top 10 Qualifiers

  1. Ken Ng – Xray T3, H-Energy – 20 laps 5:11.708
  2. P.Y.Tang – Xray T3, Orca – 20 laps 5:12.226
  3. Bernard Lee – Xray T3 – 19 laps 5:06.577
  4. James Ki – Xray T3 – 19 laps 5:06:721
  5. Niko Cheng – Thunder Tiger – 19 laps 5:17.242
  6. Jonest Wong – Tamiya 416X – 18 laps 5:00.457
  7. Desmond Tan – Xray T3, Orca – 18 laps 5:04.699
  8. Alan Lee – Tamiya 416X – 18 laps 5:13.459
  9. Paul Lok – Tamiya 416X – 17 laps 5:01.391
  10. Daryl Thong – Xray T3 – 17 laps 5:04.700″

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