New Team Orion CRF 5-Port Engine


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Team Orion have announced that they have added a new 5-port engine to their range of CRF competition Off-Road engines –


  • High-performance competition engines
  • CRF crankshaft with angled gas channel and external slots
  • High-performance ABC liner
  • Two needle carburetor with aluminum body
  • High quality, custom made ball bearings
  • Optional carburetor inlet venturis available
  • Improved throttle response characteristics
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Lightweight high efficiency cooling head
  • SG crankshaft

Technical Specifications:

  • Type: 2-stroke
  • Displacement: 3.5cc
  • Bore: 16.2mm
  • Stroke: 16.9mm
  • Total Weight: 350 g
  • RPM : up to 35,000
  • HP: 2.95
  • Front Bearing Size: 7mm x 19mm x 6mm Swiss Ballbearing
  • Rear Bearing Size: 14.2mm x 25.3mm x 6.3mm Special Ceramic
  • Cylinder Type: ABC
  • Ports: 5 +2 Bypass
  • Carb Type: Slide with Aluminum Body
  • Crank Type: SG-type with Patented CRF Concept | Image Gallery