JConcepts Wins Wiregrass Nationals


JC reports – “This past weekend the annual Wiregrass Nationals were held in Ozark, Alabama. The temperature was hot but the heavy showers on Friday and Saturday provided some temporary relief from the heat. The metal roof over the track protected the track from the elements, but there was no protecting the surface from the thrashing of the cars and trucks throughout the day. The packed surface quickly gave way to the underlying sandy base providing some true off road racing with major dips, craters, and ruts. Pick your racing line carefully and be prepared to change it as the race progressed! Pro Truggy was TQ’ed by Mike Battaile as the start of the 16 car main began. Second place qualifier Barry Pettit was in hot pursuit from the beginning. The remainder of the 45 minute race was a battle between the two, with Pettit coming out on top at the end, Battaile in second and Sean Kersten in 3rd. Pro Buggy was also TQ’ed by Mike Battaile, followed by Billy Easton and Chris Pace. Battaile and Easton checked out quickly and swapped for the lead for the first few minutes. Barry Pettit, starting in fourth, had two rough first laps battling with the track and was in last place, not far from being lapped by the 2 front-runners.”

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