JQ THE Car – Features


Our friends at Neo Buggy reports – “The start of a new week and JQ Products has released a few new photos illustrating details of THE Car, along with a nice list of features to help us identify the unique ideas and follow some of the designer thought process.

Features –

  • Narrow layout, along with one of the narrowest chassis ever seen on a 1:8 buggy. (108mm at widest point). A narrow car is more nimble and fast compared with a wider one.
  • Central engine location. The key to building a narrow car.
  • Revolutionary Adjustable Weight Distribution. Engine and Centre Diff move 8mm forwards-back. The most useful tuning aid to be changed based on track and driving style. Directly affects laptimes in a big way.
  • Laydown Brake System. In order to make the weight distribution change easily, and taking out the centre diff easily, laydown brakes was the way to go.
  • Simplest throttle/brake linkage on the market. Because simple is always better.
  • Balanced left to right. Because we turn both ways on our tracks.
  • Out of the box, about 3240g. Because no matter what anyone says, a lighter car is faster, wears less, consumes less fuel, and less tyres, and it is the future of our hobby. If a heavy car is faster than a light one, the light one has the wrong setup or the wrong tyres!
  • Failsafe servo saver for the threadlock-challenged individuals out there. Impossible to work loose.
  • The first un-complicated radio tray. Changing a servo in a hurry, with tray in the car is easy. Everything on the tray can be changed with the tray, and linkages intact.
  • Distinctive rear end geometry for great on power traction, acceleration and cornerspeed.
  • New style roll-centre adjustments on rear.
  • Designed for European and American tracks and drivers. Possibility to set the car up for Euro style tracks and driving style, maximum cornerspeed, or US style jumps and bumps.

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