P.Y.Tang holds TQ at RCI TC Open Modified


“As rain showers continued to fall at the RCI 1/10 Touring Open Modified at Racecraft Race Complex, the race had to postponed to another date after just one qualifying rounds. P.Y.Tang would hold the TQ position in the Modified Class after beating his personal best record at the current layout at an impressive 22 laps 5:10.227 with a fastest laptime of 13.565s. P.Y.Tang stated that his Xray T3 was setup more aggressively than normal on the high speed technical track but still able to maintaining the car to be very easy to drive. P.Y. also added that the new Orca Vritra TC Pro-Spec Competition Speed Controller is very powerful and the programming card functions helped him to fine-tune the powerband to suit the track and the changing-traction condition throughout the day.”

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