JConcepts Summer Indoor Nats – Day 1


JConcepts reports – “I can’t say enough for the Amain crew as Kendall Bennett, JT and others are right on top of everyone’s needs and the facility and customer service is second to none. It was the Steven Hartson show today in 2wd modified and 4wd modified. Steven put down the TQ runs and really blistered the track in round 3. Heavy duty driving. I had some ups and downs with 4wd and SCT being my better classes. I kind of blew out in 2wd in the fast round so I have to wait until tomorrrow to redeem. Zack Genova looked great out there running lap times only slightly off the A qualifer guys. He seems to always finish in the top 3 in his qualifiers so he can be really proud of that. He has a good chance in the truck class of finishing in the top 2 so we’ll see what happens. Tyler Vik picked up Chris Denney (Tanners dad) late last night at the airport which I appreciated greatly. Tanner has really showed some fantastic speed today on the track and currently sits in 2nd in 2wd and 7th in 4wd. His 2wd run was quite magical.”

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