Team Durango Shock Build Guide


Team Durango have published a useful shock build guide which can be found here. “In this guide we show you how to build the Team Durango shocks that feature on both the DEX410 and the DEX410R models. A well built set of shocks will ensure consistent handling and reliable performance. Here we show you how we recommend building your shocks to ensure consistency and repeatability when buiding your shocks. Assemble the piston on the shock shaft. The first step is to place the small washer on to the shaft. Then place the piston on the shaft making sure the piston is the correct way up. Now put the screw in to hold the piston in place. We recommend using thread lock on this screw to ensure it does not come loose in use. If using Team Durango red thread lock you only need a small amount, if you use too much the screw may be difficult to remove.”