P.Y.Tang Wins Xray Malaysia Cup


“The Xray Malaysia Cup for Series 3 was organized by Trust Hobby Racing in Malaysia. With recent resurfacing work on the layout, this track has medium to high traction depending on the time of the day and consider one of the most technical track in Southern Malaysia. Entries up to three mains would battle out for the 1/10 EP Modified Touring Car class to see P.Y.Tang TQ and win the class with his Orca equipped Xray T3. Qualifying started with many struggling with the morning low traction, but it was P.Y.Tang Xray T3/Orca who set the pace at 24 laps 5:01:137, followed by Jonest at 24 laps 5:10.104, and newcomer E.C.Wee Xray T3/Orca at 23 laps 5:00.755. As the traction got higher coming into noon time, and a reduce amount of tire additive saw P.Y.Tang recording fastest single laptime of 11.777s, with a TQ run on Heat 2 at 25 laps 5:06, 2 seconds off the track record set by Ken Ng of Xray T3/H-Energy. Bernard Lee jumped to 2nd from the grid barely missing 25 lapper at 24 laps 5:01.211 after resolving a loose differential problem on his Xray T3. Jonest in his Tamiya 416X would start 3rd from the grid qualifying 24 laps 5:04.620.

Final Top 10 Qualifiers –

  1. P.Y.Tang – Xray T3, Orca – 25 laps 5:06.215
  2. Bernard Lee – Xray T3 – 24 laps 5:01.211
  3. Jonest Wong – Tamiya TRF416X, H-Energy – 24 laps 5:04:620
  4. E.C.Wee – Xray T3, Orca – 24 laps 5:09.615
  5. Barry Ng – TRF416X – 24 laps 5:10.585
  6. Allister Lim – Hotbodies Cyclone TC – 24 laps 5:13.553
  7. Jazz CK – Yokomo BD5 – 23 laps 5:00.946
  8. Hasron – Yokomo BD5 – 23 laps 5:05.192
  9. Chee Lip Keong – Tamiya 416X – 23 laps 5:06.723
  10. James Ki – Xray T3 – 23 laps 5:08.849

The three leg finals saw some great racing as Bernard Lee and Jonest Wong matching the pace on pole position P.Y.Tang. In the Final A1, P.Y.Tang got off to a good start but was suffering from low traction as there was a delay to the start causing the tires cooling down. Bernard Lee second from the pole started off with sliding sideways but managed to maintain his position. Bernard was able to reel in the front car but as tires warmed out for P.Y.Tang, he was able to pull away and take the win for first leg. In the second leg, it was a more interesting race as top 3 swapped position for a few times. P.Y.Tang and Bernard Lee got off the starting line battling out with Jonest Wong following closely behind in 3rd. Halfway through, P.Y.Tang and Bernard Lee had a slight contact just before the left sweeper, allowing Jonest Wong to pass, but while leading, Jonest was held up by a backmarker.

P.Y.Tang retake the lead and went on to take the chequered flag for second leg and the overall win. Jonest Wong took 2nd and James Ki 3rd completed top 3 in second leg. Bernard Lee had to retire after his battery dumped. As P.Y.Tang already secured 1st overall, the podium would still be up for grabs between Bernard Lee, Jonest Wong, James Ki and Jazz CK. At the sound of the tone, P.Y.Tang and Bernard Lee pulled away, while Jonest Wong in 3rd found himself pressuring by 4th position E.C.Wee, and Allister Lim lurking back in 5th looking a way to pass. On fresh rubber, Bernard Lee was able to pass P.Y.Tang at the 1-minute mark. P.Y.Tang regained the lead on lap 7 when Bernard Lee unable to keep his line, but on lap 20, P.Y.Tang had to retire from a stripped spur gear. Allister Lim caught up and took the win for third leg as Bernard Lee was suffering from battery problem and James Ki again finished in top 3 from 10th position.

Final Standings Top 10 –

  1. P.Y.Tang – Xray T3, Orca – 2 pts
  2. Bernard Lee – Xray T3 – 4 pts
  3. Jonest Wong – Tamiya TRF416X, H-Energy – 5 points
  4. James Ki – Xray T3 – 6 pts
  5. Allister Lim – Hotbodies Cyclone TC – 8 pts
  6. E.C.Wee – Xray T3 – 9 pts
  7. Jazz CK – Yokomo BD5 – 11 pts
  8. Chee Lip Keong – Tamiya 416X – 11 pts
  9. Barry Ng – Tamiya 416X – 12 pts
  10. Hasron – Yokomo BD5 – 16 pts

P.Y.Tang Xray T3 is equipped with the new and improved Orca Vritra TC Pro-Spec 160Amp ESC and Orca Infinite 5500Mah 50C LiPo.”

Our thanks go to Quantum Racing for this report.