Grainger and Mi4LP Win Again


Schumacher reports – Last weekend saw the Schumacher team head for Aldershot for Round 3 of the BRCA Championships. Schumacher ace Chris Grainger was looking to cement a good result and this meeting was really going to be key to defending his British crown. Early on in proceedings was looking difficult for Chris as interference was hampering his performances. Allied to that, Olly Jefferies and Elliot Harper were looking on top form to do some damage, Olly with a new car and Elliot on a massive high after his excellent worlds result. Chris sorted his interference finally on sunday morning managing to take 1st in round 4 which would ensure 3rd place on the grid behind Olly and Elliot. Overall in the mod class Chris Kerswell, Matt White and Colin Price were strong, lining up 5th, 6th and 9th in the A main, showing the Mi4LP to be the most populated car in the A final with 4.”

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