Short Course Winners at Baginton


CML reports – “The Hobao Hyper 10SC proved top of the 4WD pile at Baginton at the weekend while the Associated SC10 claimed the 2WD title. Dez (Coca Cola) Chand piloted the sole Hyper 10SC in captivity to a fine 3rd on the grid and a win in the first A Final leg of the Short Course Shootout, but a 4th in leg two after a rather disastrous start meant 3rd overall and top 4WD title was assured. Powered by a sensible 10.5 Novak Ballistic motor in his usual fashion rock steady Dez went for reliability and consistency, with just enough power to clear all three sets of doubles and the table top lap after lap, without ballooning his tyres too much and losing grip, which proved far more drivable than ‘boom and bust’ of his power hungry 4WD competitors and the Hyper 10SC has proven ultra reliable in it’s 7 meetings to date without a single failure or repair. Dez freely admits to having spent zero time on maintenance and even the kit motor pinion is still used, so the Hyper 10SC is completely standard apart from the addition of the Proline Bowtie tyres used to gain a little extra grip in the loose and dusty conditions of the summer dirt track at Coventry Baginton Club.”

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