Tyres Limited at 1:10 EP ROAR Nats


“Manufacturers Agree to Limited Selection of Tires for 2010 ROAR 1:10 Electric Offroad Nationals – In 2005, ROAR announced that it would discontinue the spec tire rule for the modified classes at the Electric Offroad Nationals. For the past four years the major car manufacturers have used a gentleman’s agreement to continue the control tire rule. The driving force behind this decision is the cost associated with attending an event of this magnitude. Now the average racer can attend the event with only one type of tire and be assured they will compete against the best without a disadvantage in tire tread or compound. The 2010 ROAR 1:10 Electric Offroad National Championships are being held at Leisure Hours Raceway in Joliet, IL on their outdoor track. Given the unpredictability of the surface and weather, the agreeing Team Managers decided upon the following control tires:

2WD –
Front: Losi 7202R (Red 4-Rib)
Rear: Losi 7369R (Red X-2000s)

4WD –
Front: Pro-Line 8207-02 (M3 Holeshots 2.0)
Rear: Pro-Line 8206-02 (M3 Holeshots 2.0)

Truck –
Front: JConcepts 3021-01 (Blue Barcodes)
Rear: JConcepts 3021-01 (Blue Barcodes)”