New KM H-K1 Optional Parts


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KM have announced the release of the following new H-K1 optional parts –

  • HK3000 —– 800 NiMH AAA receicer battery for H-K1
  • HK003 —– KM H-K1 Foam Bumper
  • HK117 —– KM H-K1 Carbon Bumper Plate
  • HK117S —– KM H-K1 Carbon Bumper Plate Set
  • HK602-15T —– KM H-K1 Pinion Gear 15T
  • HK602-17T —– KM H-K1 Pinion Gear 17T
  • HK603-20T —– KM H-K1 Pinion Gear 20T
  • HK603-22T —– KM H-K1 Pinion Gear 22T
  • HK603-23T —– KM H-K1 Pinion Gear 23T
  • HK216 —– KM H-K1 Alum. Light Weight Two Pieces Front Axle


HK192B —– Bando H-K1 front belt

Features :
1. Low friction & long life
2. Made in Japan by “Bando”


  • HK110L-P —– POM Rear Belt Adjust Bearing Hub Holder Left
  • HK110R-P —– POM Rear Belt Adjust Bearing Hub Holder Right

Features :
1. More lighter weight
2. Long life
3. Precisely made by CNC


When the H-K1 is using the low CG servo, the weight will be around 1700g. In order to increase the weight to full fill the IFMAR 1725g car weight regulation, you can use KM copper battery plate to put on weight
instead of using lead weights on the side of the chassis.

  • HK104-25CO —– H-K1 copper battery plate (25g)
  • HK104-30CO —– H-K1 copper battery plate (30g)

Sepecial Features :
1. Increase weight in the centre
2. Improve and lower the centre of gravity