New Exotek EX05 Tamiya TA-05 LiPo Chassis


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“Introducing the Exotek EX05.¬†This high performance multi adjustment lipo chassis represents superior balanced lipo performance. The EX05 brings you pro level design features that would rival any top touring car.

  • The EX05 chassis is designed and tested to equalize lateral flex. No more inconsistent flex problems caused by 6 large battery cut outs like in the stock chassis. The net result is much more predictable handling.
  • 2.3mm thick USA made quasi weave carbon fiber top and bottom plates. Stiff yet ultra lightweight.
  • 3 side ways battery mounting positions to help balance the battery and car.
  • 2 front or back battery mounting positions allows for more steering or more stability.
  • 2 piece battery blocks insures tweak free secure battery retention.
  • Narrowed chassis (96mm wide at the rear) for less chassis scrub through corners for better corner speed and handling. Narrower then the top level 416X!
  • Includes CF battery strap and alloy posts.
  • Multi adjusting center battery holds to custom fit your battery for a perfect snug fit.
  • Accepts 7.4 volt FLAT BOTTOM type cased lipos such as Thunder Power 5200, Intellect IB, Orion Platinum Series or similar sized lipo batteries.
  • Includes polished anodized steering posts, spacers, long stand offs and motor mount posts (compatible with stock gray V2 motor mount or TRF option V2 motor mount).
  • Includes alloy steel hex hardware and instructions.”

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