BRCA Mid South 4wd Regional Rd3


“The all new Silverstone RCMCC track opened its doors for the first time in 2010… After 7 months of hard work the track was finally ready to be put to the test!!! 51 drivers were in attendance for the 3rd round of the Mid South 4wd Regional series, with the track having only been completed the day before the brand new astro turf was shining in the sun. The surface is non sand filled so no sand crunching your diffs. The straight is old sand filled astro which will be replaced for 2011, there is also some blue indoor carpet which works fine and then a rubber surface towards the right of the track. On this particular layout there was plenty of undulations as can be seen in the pics. Plenty of low/medium corners, so it would be a test of driver skill rather than speed of car.

Round 1:
The star of the round was Lloyd Storey, setting the only 14 lap round and a whole 10 seconds ahead of second placed man Matt Owen. Keith Robertson was 3rd and a fast Richard Ralph 4th. Due to the new astro grip was very high and plenty of drivers were running very worn tyres to combat the grip roll.

Round 2:
Again Lloyd Storey put in the only 14 lap run but other drivers were looking quicker. John Spencer set the fastest laps but was running new rubber which made the car very keen to roll, he managed 3rd in the round behind a steady but improving Keith Robertson. Richard Ralph was 4th and Matt Owen 5th. Other drivers sitting in the top 10 at this point were Nigel Buck, Kit Jones, David Burton, Tony Evdoka and Darren Boyle.

Round 3:
Normally the round that is make or break for some drivers and this definately was, Lloyd Storey set off knowing pole was pretty much in the bag!!! Or so he thought…. John Spencer had made some changes and the X11 08 was lapping very quick. In the end Spencer tq’d the round with Lloyd just behind both on 14 laps. Once again the very consistent Keith Robertson was 3rd 1 sec off 14 lap pace. Towards the rear of the A final there was a day long battle between Tony Evdoka, Darren Boyle, Alec Springer all these drivers very close on points and one of them was going to miss out on the A Main.

Round 4:
Do or die round…..

Pole position was a fight between John Spencer and Lloyd Storey, Keith Robertson could take a front row place if he tq’s the round as could Matt Owen… Evdoka and Boyle had to finish in front of Springer to make sure they took there place in the top 10….

Evdoka had a poor run after leading most of the way, Boyle didn’t have his best and this allowed Alec Springer to put in a good time. Matt Owen didn’t finish so was hoping on others not to go well so he would keep his 4th position. The last heat went up, Spencer leading them off with Storey behind and Keith Robertson 3rd. After 3 laps in Spencer was heading for Tq only for an error at the end of the straight, this allowed Storey through with Spencer all over his rear. Robertson was close behind and actually leading on the computer.. At the point the top 3 would be Storey, Robertson, Spencer!! John had to find a way past and got a great run onto the straight which allowed him to power past Storey.. with 2 second intervals Spencer had to open the gap.. Robertson had fell off the pace but was still on for 3rd in the round. By the 5 minutes Spencer had opened up a visible gap on Storey but was it enough. Both drivers dipping into 21 sec laps trying to secure Tq…… Storey took it by 0.8 on the computer and thus would line up number 1.. The battle at the back worked out well for Springer who managed to put himself in the A knocking Evdoka to B1!!!

Top 10 after 4 rounds:

  1. Lloyd Storey (Cat SX2)
  2. John Spencer (Team Xtreme X11 08)
  3. Keith Robertson (Assoc B44)
  4. Matt Owen (Losi XX4)
  5. Richard Ralph (Durango DEX410)
  6. Kit Jones (Losi XX4)
  7. Alec Springer (Tamiya 511x)
  8. David Burton (Assoc B44)
  9. Nigel Buck (Team Xtreme X11 08)
  10. Darren Boyle (Yokomo B Max 09)

The sun was blazing and with the Moto GP running at Silverstone Circuit the noise made the day enjoyable, not to forget the Euro fighter demo!!! Lloyd Storey dominated the finals winning the 1st and 3rd legs by a decent margin, Keith Robertson claimed second with a win in leg 2 and after some hard fought finals Matt Owen took third. Full results can be viewed at for more information on Silverstone RCMCC please visit

Report: John Spencer