New XB808 Pinion Gear 10T for 3 Bearings


New from Xray for the XB808 is the following Pinion Gear 10T and their Alu Bearing Collar, both for 3 Bearings –

Pinion Gear:

3-bearing, 10-tooth bevel drive gear for XB808 front/rear differential. Manufactured from premium HUDY Spring Steel™, precision machined on a special gear machine and heat treated for maximum strength, durability, minimal wear, and extra-long lifespan. 3-bearing pinion gear is a direct fit into the XB808 2010-spec bulkhead, requiring use of the special #352077 collars and #355690 composite seal.

Alu Bearing Collar:

Alu collar provides even spacing between bearings within front/rear XB808 diff bulkhead blocks. With capturing screws tightened, both bearings are strengthened in the block so they can support more load thus improving bearing lifespan. Set of 2.