LRP Celebrates International Success


LRP reports – “LRP electronic could again celebrate international success at the IFMAR WC from 30 June to 03 July in Germany. With a total of four SXX TC Spec Version2 speed controls, five Sanwa M11X 2.4GHz transmitters and another five high-end Sanwa Servos, the Sanwa / LRP electronic combination was the most used in the A-Main at the World Championships in 1/10 Touring Cars Modified in Burgdorf. The products were able to showcase their first-rate quality and reliability in all three rounds. LRP team driver Ronald Völker, who was struggling with the handling of his Yokomo at the beginning, was able to continually improve his performance thanks to the enormous reserve capacity of the SXX TC spec Version2, LRP VECTOR X12 4.5T, LRP LiPo Competition Car Line 5900 50C, Sanwa M11X 2.4GHz and still secured second place in the third final and an overall 5. rank with his spectacular catch-up effort.”

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