8th Off-Road European Champs – Pre Event ’10


Our friends at Neo Buggy are currently reporting from the 2010 European Championships – “We are still a day or so away from racing action on track, but are keen to ensure you tune into Neo Buggy for all the latest goings-on from the Euros. We arrived today in a very warm Guarda (32-35c) with the facility looking top notch. The improvements and additions the team have made are of a standard perhaps not seen before; a permanent massive roof for pitting under, complete with mesh sides for shade and ventilation. The press, Team managers building looks great, and small changes to the track, pits are all positive. A question mark still hangs slightly over the track; the organisers attempted to re-surface with a more stable red-clay material, however this failed as the materials failed to mix and broke up. The decision; to hard pack as much as possible, change layout – more jumps, some corners altered, concrete added to inside curbs etc. Frisol/dustex has been applied to some key areas to help bind the surface and stop dust/blow outs, and more will be added later tonight; however the few drivers that were there expressed some concern ahead of Tuesday’s practice rounds.”

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