Homewrap Summer Series Rd6


“Sergio Manalvo – MBX6 – OS dominates the night taking 4 out of 5 rounds! This event not only see’s Round 6 of the the 7 round Homewrap series but also incorporates Round 2 of the National Nitro X Masters. Anthony Jackson – MBX 6 – RB goes into the nights racing as outright leader of both Series, just ahead of Knauth – Hyper 9 – RB and Nicol – MBX 6 – Ninja. On to the racing! Round 1 Pro Buggy: The sizeable crowd of spectators saw Manalvo take a 1 lap win over Marc Christianson – MBX 6 – RB and Tim Nicol, with Tom Jones – Xray 808 – RB and Kyle Hodges – X2Cr – RB fourth and fifth. Hyper Truck had Knauth out in front from start to finish, taking the win one lap ahead of Dean Baker and Scott Newhouse.”

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