German Champs Qualification Run – Report


Germany’s rising young talent, Kristof Sielaff reports from the last round of the German Champs 2010 – “Last weekend starts the last Qualifications run for the German Champs 2010 and the 3rd run of the North German Champs (1.10 Scale and 1:8) in Munster. We arrived on Sunday so I have to use the first rounds of Qualifying to search for a good setup for my HK-1. At the last run the car didn’t go perfect but still fine, I managed to drive 18 laps like all of the top drivers. So my end position after 4 qualifying runs (1 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday) was p8 from 19 drivers. In the semi finals I start from p2 after the start all going well but some laps later I get some problems with the engine it was really hot 32° so I was go back in 4th place but in the end I drive back on p3 and go to the a main .

We changed some things on the car and used another pipe which was the right decision as the car performed really well in the final. So I start from p9 and some laps after the start I was in a fast group I think my car was the fastest in the group I tried to past 3 cars in 1 corner, I get 2 but the last one didn’t let me through and I crashed out, so I was back on p9 and pushed really hard and managed to get back on p4 with a distance of 8,5 seconds on p3. So I think the first race with the KM-Racing H-K1 was ok and the next race will be even better! A big thanks to my Sponsors Km-Racing, LMI-Racing, Siemotu modified engines!”

Thanks to Kristof Sielaff for the report.