New Mi4LP Speed Secret Parts


“Schumacher are pleased to announce two new parts for the Mi4 range of cars. Firstly a new front shock mount with an additional 3rd body mount post. With the ever increasing speeds of touring cars, sometimes up to 70mph, the lightweight bodies can deform on the straights. The Schumacher team have been testing this 3rd body post for some time and have found the increased support for the body is excellent. The body remains more stable, and is less likely to ‘tuck’ against the wheels under high load conditions and also prevents air getting under the chassis when the body is deformed. Secondly this new twin point steering system. The new system bolts straight onto the Mi4 and is an infinitely adjustable steering system. Steering feel can be improved as this system uses more resolution for the servo, providing a smoother response. Under development for some time and used by Alex Laurent to win the EFRA Euros warm up just a few weeks ago.”