Bultynck & Vekemans Dominate Belgian Rd4


“Considering the fact that the HRT track is normally for nitro racers, the electro boys came anyway to this beautifull and very technical track. With this fourth race of the season we have the first part of the season. After this race we will go at the Worlds with our best Belgian drivers of the moment. On saturday we saw sun, rain, clouds, wind and again the sun. This means that it would be difficult to find the right setup for the cars on sunday. In the EFRA class was Manuel Henriet very fast in the first qualification. Olivier Bultynck took the second and the third qualification round and also the pole. Manuel Henriet took the second spot and Thomas Stockman third. In the first final it was Olivier Bultynck who took immidiately the lead in front of Manuel Henriet. Thomas Stockman was hit and had to come back from behind. Manuel went wide and Nik Weyers took second place. Nik was on the move and begun to attack the first place of Olivier Bultynck. Lap after lap Nik was pushing hard. One short moment Nik could overtake but Olivier was attacking back and retook the lead. Olivier took the win in front of Nik and Thomas Stockman came in as third.”

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