New Team Shepherd Optionals


Team Shepherd are pleased to announce the introduction of various new hop-ups for the Velox V10. Some of Team Shepherd’s best drivers tested them to ensure our high quality standard as well as an optimized performance. –

# 507101 – Front Bumber wide V10

The new wide front bumper allows the use for Lola type bodies for the Velox V10. Addtionally it increases steering in fast corners because of improved aerodynamics. The bumper is made of a durable though flexible composite material.

# 512301 – Brass battery tray

The new CNC-machined brass battery tray (#512301) allows you to increase the weight at the best possible position: in the center of the chassisplate. With 41g the perfectly balanced battery tray lowers the center of gravity significantly and improves the handling of the V10 especially on high traction tracks.

# 811511 / # 811512 – Black Springs front & rear, extra soft

The black springs (rear: # 811511 / front: # 811512) are the latest addition to the already available shock absorber springs and increase the possibilities of fine-tune the V10 to specific track conditions. Now the following springs are available for the V10 (from soft to hard): black, grey, light green, dark green.

# 820320 / #820325 / #820330 – Silicone Oil 200.000 / 250.000 / 300.000 cst

Especially for the front differential of the V10 many racers requested harder diff oils. Therefore we extended our range of silicone oil to meet the racers demands. The following oils are now available: 200.00 cSt (#820320), 250.000 cSt (#820325), 300.000 cSt (#820330). The silicone oil was produced accordingly to our specifications and high quality standards. With this new oils it’s possible to fine-tune your V10 to different track conditions.”