Team Orion IBS LiPo Rocket Packs


“With the IBS LiPo Rocket Packs Team Orion presents the latest battery innovation – “IBS stands for Integrated Balancing System. It is Team Orion’s latest innovation in battery technology. It is simple, but effective: instead of a cable coming out of the battery, having no function when used in the car, a connector is integrated into the hard case. The advantages are obvious: no more balancing connector to take care of, easiest installation in every car – now that is ease of use! Every IBS battery is delivered with an adapter cable (male/male) to make balancing easy, even with the battery installed in the car.

Features –

  • Integrated Balancing System
  • High Quality OSLPB Factory Fresh LiPo Cells
  • 30C Discharge Rate
  • 3C Charge Rate
  • Golden Carbon Look Protection Hardcase
  • Available Round and Rectangular
  • Available with Deans®, TRX® and Tamiya® Type Connectors
  • High Quality 12AWG Silicon Cables
  • Balancing Adapter Cable Included (JST-XH)”

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