XB808 Dominates S.Portuguese R3


Xray reports – “Last weekend on May 22/23, I went to round 3 of the South Regional at the Évora track. The race was attended by 35 driversand the day started with very hot temperatures, showing that it would be an endurance test for engines and cars. During qualifications, Nuno La was very fast and won TQ. I placed in 4th position in qualifications, and in my semi-final I ended in 2nd so I started the final in 2nd place. The car was good all day but in the final I had problems with the rear diff because of the high temperature. I ran 15 min of the final without it, but I still continued in 1st position because the other drivers started to have engine flameouts. Within 5 minutes of the end, Luis Ferr?o passed me… so I took 2nd place after 45 minutes.”

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