Electrixs Circuit 10th 2WD Stadium Truck RTR


“Drive out loud with the Circuit™, a true ready-to-run vehicle that comes with absolutely everything included in one box. You read that right, everything’s included—right down to the double-As. You’ll love the powerful Dynamite® 20-turn motor and beginner-friendly snap-lock battery system. Without a doubt, this rugged stadium truck is easy to use, but it’s also hard to abuse. It’s built from a strong, durable nylon composite material. You can customize the body with the included decal sheet. And thanks to the standard components and mounts, you can hop the Circuit up with additional bodies, tires, and parts and accessories.


  • Completely ready to run with everything needed in one box
  • Nylon composite material gives it high strength and durability
  • Clip less battery retaining system means that there no body clips to lose
  • Oil filled shocks provide great handling that is also adjustable
  • Fully painted and decaled body out of the box means its ready to run and looks good
  • Standard components and mounts gives you a fully upgradeable truck

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