RB’s Ricardo Monteiro Interview


Following his recent European B success, Ricardo Monteiro has been interview by RB regarding the the fantastic race!

Modelcar: On a general view, what do you think about your race?
Ricardo: In Portugal, and now, during the Worlds of Football, we use to say “I got a feeling”, and Mr. Luis Freitas, of Modelcar, was always saying it. In fact I had a feeling. When we came to the Warm Up, in April, the race was well and we got the 3rd. place. But the most important was that we knew the track, we got a good set up and we tested a lot of things, so we were very comfortable to the Euro race and we knew that we would make a good race. Of course to make a good race is one thing and win the race is completely different. Global viewing, we think that all of us were very good, not only me, but also my father and mechanic, Mr. Eric Aita, of RB, giving me the perfect engine, and Mr. Yannick Aigoin, of Losi, helping us when necessary.

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