New LRP S8 BX 2 RTR Buggy


“A high-performance car just got even better! The LRP S8 BX 2 RTR has achieved the almost unachievable. The S8 BX 2 RTR is fine-tuned with state of the art and competition race technology, which will see the S8 BX 2 Premium RTR set the new benchmark for 1/8 RTR kits on the R/C market today. Equipped with the new high-tech LRP C3-STX Pro computer transmitter, pre-setup with competition 2.2mm front swaybar and 2.8mm rear swaybar installed and brand new highly sensitive breaks, the S8 BX 2 RTR will handle tough offroad conditions with ease. In addition to the vastly improved driving handling, the S8 BX 2 Premium RTR is also optically improved. With the new aerodynamically advanced bodyshell and stylish 7-spoke black-chromed wheels, the S8 BX 2 RTR will feature increased jumping controllability as well as it’s cool style stands out from the pack. The S8 BX 2 is the consistent development of the S8 BX Premium RTR. Exactly the same design as the one of the successful S8 BX Team forms the basis of this S8 BX 2 Premium RTR model. In addition, this package offers all the successful and race-proven technology which is needed for a successful start right out of the box!”

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