Ricardo Monteiro is 2010 Euro-B Winner


Neo Buggy concludes their report – “Ricardo Monteiro is the 2010 Euro-B winner, Carlos Duraes 2nd and Adrian Perez 3rd. Bryan Baldo was battling with Monteiro until his car broke, from then onwards Monteiro settled into cruise control and lapped everyone. Carlos Duraes hauled himself into 2nd and for a time Alex Bayer was en route to 3rd but in the end Adrian Perez of Spain took the last podium spot. A weekend of mad weather, problems for the favourites (Penas & Baldo) but in the end silky smooth Monteiro – (pitting @ 9min whilst Duraes did 7:30 with same engine = throttle control) took a deserved victory in a (now) sunny Valladolid.”

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