Quick Report from Snett IC National


3Hobby.net reports – “Here is a quick report by Jon (smmcc) from the BRCA Nationals being held at Snetterton this weekend:- Practice today has been very hectic as we have an entry of over 60 drivers. Mark Green and Kyle Branson have been setting the pace in 200mm foam – both having fastest laps in the low 12 seconds. The real battle has been in 220mm. Mark Christopher set an early pace with his NT1 on a 12.46 sec. lap and then Glyn Beal took to the track with his newly built Serpent 733 220mm car and very quickly got below Mark’s time and eventually got down to 12.02 seconds by mid afternoon. Lee Chapman has also had a great day with another 733 220mm car and at close tonight was second fastest.”

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