Euro-B Day 2 – Penas TQ


Neo Buggy continues their report – “Patxi Penas (Spain) is TQ. Bryan Baldo 2nd, Ricardo Monteiro 3rd. As soon as qualifying finished, the track bathing in sunshine and to take advantage of that the track crew started removing some of the carpet on the straight… not 5mins later… guess what heavy rain! Its stopped now, but who knows what might happen tomorrow! Qualifying turned out to be a bit of a mystery as the track changed so much throughout the day; in Q1 the first heats (Top guys) were out first to play the role of the track sweeper, however Bryan Baldo TQ’d regardless. Come Q2 and Baldo was unable to repeat his Q1 pace, step up Patxi Penas – veteran of last year’s Euro final and now driving a Mugen/Reds combination.”

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