Euro-B Day 2 – Qualifying


Neo Buggy continues their report – “Round 1 of qualifying is done and Bryan Baldo is TQ. Yesterday ended with the ATV Racing club working tirelessly on the track, attempting to clear as much water as possible, unfortunately more rain fell overnight, despite this the track this morning looked in fine condition with more carpet laid down and lots of sawdust to soak up the dampness. Yesterday’s practice TQ Carlos Duraes of Portugal was out first in heat 1, his time of (9/5:07.757) has him 5th overall at the time of writing; a safe if slightly conservative run, not so for Bryan Baldo who was out in heat 2, he pushed but not too much and was cruely denied a 10-lapper – a minor crash on the last lap cost him about 10 secs, he ended up with 9/5:00.089.”

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