Euro-B Day 1 – Neo Report


Neo Buggy reports – “The 2010 Euro-B Championships have got off to a damp stuttering start in Valladolid; as continued rain the past two days has saturated the track completely, despite some promising signs yesterday afternoon, the ‘rain in spain’ has really put on a damp show. Despite the obvious dampness – the facilities are top notch, its a shame that the weather won’t co-operate. At the moment the organisers are playing the waiting game; delaying the start of any form of practice. They have said that if and when a decision is taken to race, it will take 90 mins to bring the track up to a drivable standard. The track itself is a mixture between dirt, cobblestones and carpet-clad jumps. Driving direction is anto-clockwise but at the moment the dirt areas are far too soft to run on with all the rain.”

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