T3 at 2010 Muchmore Masters, Australia


Xray reports from their recent T3 success¬†– “The Muchmore Masters is held every year at the Sydney Model Autosports radio control car club, which is a small multi-layout outdoor medium traction track. This year the track was quite technical with a tricky center chicane. Attendance was low compared to previous years but racing was enjoyed by all participants. For 2010 the major sponsors were Northern Beaches Hobby centre and Hobby Express International who also provided the control tyre, a premounted Muchmore absolute V-32 for all touring car classes with one set being available for the 6 qualifying heats in both the Stock and Super-Stock classes and two sets being available for qualifying in the Modified class, with the option to use another set for all A-finalists. Practice: During practice I aimed to find a well balanced base setup early in the morning so that in the afternoon I would have time to test a variety of different tyre additives, bodies and work on the gearing and speed control settings while keeping track of the tyre wear as it is usually quite high at this track and I had limited experience on the control tyre.”

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