New Caster Racing SK-10


Caster Racing have released the following information regarding their all new EP 10th scale buggy, the SK-10. – “Caster Racing is proud to announce the release of a new 1/10th 4WD off road buggy. They started off with a high level competition RTR chassis design foundation. The SK-10 Buggy is a EP buggy that got all the racing features, and performance that a competition car needed. It’s an 100% upgradable chassis to a higher level competition parts and features. SK-10 comes with the most advance performance design such as Mini Big Bore shocks with 3.5mm shock shaft. Slip clutch differential in the centre, those are only available and build in the competition kits, but we have put all those racing features into SK-10 buggy which makes the buggy one of the kind in the market, and amount others. we have raise up the entry level bar. The advantage of having such a buggy, it’s totally 100% race competitive with other racing kits in the market for the fair price you have paid. in other words, the C/P(Cost/Performance) rate is much higher than other kits out there in the market.”

Caster Racing