HB TCX Touring Car Preview


HB reports – “The HB TCX has been in development for over a year, and has been test-driven by multiple World Champions to make it the fastest, most reliable and tunable machine on the track. It has been fully optimized for use with the most recent achievements in battery and motor technology. The HB TCX is the latest evolution of the world championship winning HB touring car platform. The main goal of the TCX chassis design was to place all components as close as possible to the center line while maintaining the left-to-right balance with the latest LiPo technology. Motor Moved 4.5mm Inside – To move the heaviest items (the motor, servo and electronics) closer to the centre line of the car, also known as reducing the moment of inertia, a whole new layout of the chassis and the drive train is required. The configuration of the drive belts in the TCX has been reversed to create more room for the electronics to shift inwards. In addition to the radio gear moving inwards the unique TCX design also allows the motor to move by 4.5 mm, making a huge difference in overall weight distribution.”

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