New Xray TC Alu Quick Roll-Center Holder


XRAY presents yet another way to fine-tune your T2- or T3-based car with the new 4.9mm Quick Roll Center™ holders. This matched pair of CNC-machined high-grade aluminum holders — marked H1 and H2 – are 1mm higher with the same length than L1 + L2 (lower) holders, allowing car to roll more. May be used at either front or rear. Using the H roll-center holders in the front makes the car turn easier. Recommended for high-carpet traction tracks because it decreases in corner steering and helps to prevent traction rolling. Using the H roll-center holders in the rear increases corner steering and speed. Xray

  • 4.9mm Quick Roll Center™ holders
  • CNC-machined high-grade aluminum
  • Matched pair – marked H1 & H2
  • Roll centers higher by 1mm
  • For either front or rear suspension
  • Best on high-traction tracks
  • Fits T2- or T3-based cars”