AINC10 – The Final Challenge


“June 17th – 19th 2010 will see an end to Australia’s Richest RC Prizemoney event. With a mere 20 days left until the start of the 2010 Aussiemove International Nitro Challenge, it is with deep regret that I announce the end of an era. With this announcement I must pass on a huge show of gratitude to the companies and people from outside the RC industry, that gave so much support to my vision over the past 6 years. These people, with no connections to the RC industry and with very little to gain for themselves wholeheartedly got behind this event and OCR, mostly for nothing more than to be part my passion to see RC Offroad racing grow in the Northern Territory of Australia, so to those people and companies that showed their unconditional support over the years please accept not only my humblest thanks and gratitude but also my sincerest apologies for failing to gain the support and respect, you and this event deserved.

I would also like to personally thank the drivers that have attended every year from the southern states, and to the local drivers who have always been excited by the prospect of competing in something special and unique, Im sure you are all just as sad to see this come to an end as I am. So with all that having been said there is still 20 days left to be part of “THE FINAL CHALLENGE” sign up, come, enjoy and celebrate the end of an era! And in closing I would like to recognise and thank all the people and companies below for your support both past and present, and a very special thank you needs to go to my wife Rhonda and to my good friend Mike Jones of Aussiemove International Movers, thank you Sir!”

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