Thailand Worlds – Update & Report


Neo Buggy reports – “A week ago the US joined the growing list of countries in issuing travel warnings for Thailand; focusing on Bangkok and Chang Mai. Emails between various RC companies/ team managers have been doing the rounds recently; citing growing concerns on the location for the Worlds (Pattaya, Thailand) to be held in November. Neo Buggy understands IFMAR officials continue to monitor the situation very closely, and in an email from Dawn Sanchez, President of ROAR (the N.American body) she reassures members that the situation may be somewhat over-hyped… “As you know the situation is downtown only, and at this stage has not escalated outside of one block of the city centre… Cancelling or postponing would be an over reaction as this is localised protest action and not a country wide problem.” The quote is very recent and should go some way to cool the tension for some teams whether to attend or not.”

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