New Xray XB808 Shock Piston Set


“Xray has announced the release of their composite molded 8- and 10-hole shock pistons for two shock absorbers. 8-hole pistons are available with 2 different-sized holes (1.2 and 1.3mm) for changing damping (2 per piston). 10-hole pistons are available with 1.1mm holes. These pistons are conical for smoother damping. Big-bore pistons are manufactured from well-proven specially-formulated composite material to provide smoother action and durability. The well-proven molding production process is used to ensure perfect roundness of the pistons after production, so that the pistons will move perfectly inside the shock bodies for identical shock action in all four shocks. Xray

• Composite molded 8- and 10-hole shock pistons
• 8-hole pistons available with 1.2 and 1.3mm holes
• 10-hole pistons available with 1.1mm holes”