Welsh Open Crawler Championship Rd1


CML reports – “Sunday May 9th 2010 will be remembered as the day the inaugural Welsh Open Championship kicked off, with 4 very challenging courses and a lot of competitive spirit. Course 1 – Although this course seemed to be tricky, 4 drivers managed to get a clear run, with a further five drivers also putting themselves into contention.

Scores from course 1:
1st: Neilus (N1E Berg) -10 (3:42)
2nd: upandover (Beatlejuice Bully) -10 (4:57)
3rd: Tony Clee (Vanquish Berg) -10 (5:03)
4th: Skyhigh (Bully) -10 (5:23)
5th: Ruffryder (T1E Berg) -4
6th: perfectsib (Losi) -1
7th: Raving Rich (Kamikaze Berg) +5
8th: Welshwizzard (Axial AX10) +23
9th: Sam Sibley (Venom Creeper) +26
10th: Charlie (Berg) +36
11th: vwgolfdriver (Axial AX10) +115
12th: Rob West (Axial SWX) +135″

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