New – Yokomo B-MAX4 Factory


“The superb BMAX gets the Yokomo factory treatment, upping performance and beefing up the car against crash damage. Included in this package are the following additional hop-ups; Big bore X shock set, Aluminum servo saber mount, Aluminum center link, Special front brace, Aluminum main gear cover, Special motor mount, Advanced stabilizer set, Aluminum rear hub carrier (0 degrees), Aluminum shock cap ball, Aluminum shock ended ball. Carbon battery plate & Rear X shock springs (Orange/software). This new version was used successfully to clinch the Japanese Championships although driver of the regular BMAX will need no convincing of it’s fantastic capabilities.


  • 4WD with shaft. Dustproof design
  • Centered motor for excellent balance
  • Universal center shafts
  • Fully adjustable double wishbone suspension
  • Fully adjustable aluminium oil dampers
  • Ball differentials
  • 4 universal drive shafts to the wheels
  • Aluminium motor mount
  • Adjustable slipper clutch
  • Aluminium suspension mount brace on front
  • Complete ball bearing set
  • Aerodynamic body and wing”

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