Veggo Plastic Airbag Inserts


AIRBAG is the revolutionary tyre insert developed and produced in Italy. Due to its unique and incredible features, AIRBAG is a must have for all serious racers.

Features –

  • PERFECTLY BALANCED: just drop’em on and see the difference
  • ZERO CENTRIFUGATION: it means perfect contact of the tyre with the racing surface for improved traction and optimal steering response.
  • TOTAL CONTROL: less side roll and less tyre wear.
  • ULTRA RESISTANT: won’t break as standard foams and don’t collect dirt which can alter tyre responsiveness.
  • PERFECT MATCH: they fit perfectly on the rim due to exclusive internal pattern.
  • WATER RESISTANT: wash your tires without ani issue.
  • DURABLE: can be used many times with multiple set of tires because they have no degrade.

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