Team Orion LiFe Rocket Packs


“Team Orion’s Rocket Stick Packs are a success story: The NiMH batteries are unmatched in price and quality, offering standard battery technology and great power. The later introduced LiPo Rocket Packs bring all the great features of the Lithium Polymer chemistry to stick pack users: more power, more acceleration, less weight, easier usability! Now Team Orion presents Rocket Stick Packs with the latest LiFe chemistry! With a voltage of 6.6V these batteries are unbeatable in lifespan, robustness and security. Available with Tamiya® , Deans® and TRX® connectors, these batteries feature a 40C discharge rate and up to 10C fast charge capabilities. The LiFe Rocket Packs are equipped with high quality silicon cables and a state of the art blue carbon look hardcase! Team Orion


  • Latest LiFe Battery Technology
  • Ultra Robust and Stable
  • Ultra Long Life (1000+ Cycles!)
  • Ultra Safe Technology
  • 40C Discharge
  • Up to 10C Fast Charge”