T3 Wins 2010 Swiss Championship R2


Xray reports – The second Swiss Championship Race was held in Islikon on carpet. Team XRAY driver Mario Rigert was driving in the Expert Class and Philipp Hagnauer was driving in the Open Stock Class. Saturday was only for practice and the track was changing from hour to hour. The T3 was very quick but with new tires the car had a bit less grip. Controlled practice was held in the evening, and Philipp and Mario took the leads in both classes. The race began Sunday morning. Mario Rigert dominated the Expert class ahead of Martin Strittmatter. The two drivers were battling the entire day, but Mario was a bit faster. Also, Matthias Meier was very quick and after two Finals he was on the podium… but he had bad luck in the last final and finally took P5.”

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